Victony Repeater setup

Are you planning to broaden the range of your router in your home or workplace? If yes, then we suggest you perform the Victony repeater setup. As it allows you to transform the dead zone into fun zones and provide access to lag-free internet services throughout your home or office. Therefore, you will not regret the decision of setting up a Victony repeater. Just in case, you are wondering how to perform the Wireless repeater setup process, then we have got your back. Here, on this page, we will discuss different methods through which you can perform the Wireless-N repeater setup without any stress.

You can perform the Victony repeater setup in three modes.

  1. Repeater Mode
  2. Client Mode
  3. Access Point Mode

Victony Repeater Setup in Repeater Mode

Using WPS button

In this section, we will explain detailed information on how to perform Wireless WiFi repeater setup in repeater mode using the WPS button and web browser. First, you need to place your Victony repeater close to your home router while executing the Victony repeater setup process. Before performing Victony repeater setup using any method, set the mode selector to Repeater.

  • Switch on your Victony repeater after plugging it into the power socket.
  • Next, press and hold the WPS button.
  • Then, press the WPS button on the home router you want to connect to.
    Important Note: The position of the WPS button may vary from model to model.
  • Once the connection is successfully established between your home router and Victony repeater, you can re-locate your repeater to the place of your choice and power it on. Just make sure that it’s receiving proper WiFi signals.
  • Turn on your computer system and access an updated version of the internet browser.
Victony Repeater Setup

Using Web Browser

Victony Repeater Setup Using Web Browser
  • Enter the necessary detials and click Ok to continue.
  • A screen will appear where you need to select the router network from the list of networks and then click Next to continue.
  • Once you are connected successfully, a dialog box will appear with a successful message. Then, click Next to continue.
  • You will now view the information of your network SSID in the dialog box. If everything is correct, click Apply button to get connected.
  • Then, your Wireless-N repeater will restart automatically. After completion of the rebooting process, a dialog box will be displayed with the successful message, device name, and the security key.
  • Next, log in again to access the Wireless WiFi Repeater setup wizard using the default username and password to modify the settings as per your requirements.

These are the aforementioned procedure to perform Wireless-N repeater setup without any issue. If you still get stuck, then contact our support team to get the issue fixed for you.

Victony Repeater Setup in Client Mode

First, you need to set Selector Mode to Client on your Victony repeater in order to perform the Victony repeater setup in client mode.

Using WPS button

Using Web Browser

If you get any issues while performing Wireless repeater setup in client mode, feel free to contact our experts as they are available 24X7 to help you.

Victony Repeater Setup in Access Point Mode

The very first step to execute is set your Mode selector to ‘AP’.

Using WPS Method

  • Turn on your victony repeater.
  • Press the WPS button and its LED will start blinking.
  • Similarly, push the WPS button on your home router.
  • Then, switch on your computer system and launch an upgraded version of the Internet browser.
  • Input the Victony repeater default IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • You’ll be directed to the Victony repeater login page where you are required to insert the default username and password.
  • After entering the required login credentials, click ok to continue.
  • The Victony repeater setup wizard will come into the view. Follow on-screen prompts and complete the Wireless WiFi repeater setup process.
Victony Repeater Setup Using WPS Method

Using Web Browser

Now, you can easily customize the settings of your Victony repeater by accessing the Victony setup wizard.

If you get stuck with any kind of issue while performing the Victony repeater setup, don’t hesitate to take the support of our IT experts for instant solutions.

Fail to perform Wireless WiFi repeater setup?

If you can’t able to perform the Wireless-N repeater setup, then don’t panic. Here we have mentioned some basic information to avoid any issues while accessing the Wireless WiFi repeater setup wizard.

This is all about avoiding issues while accessing the Wireless repeater setup wizard. If you are still getting issues, contact our technical experts.

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